Seven sharks found in basement pool in New York

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No word if they had frickin’ laser beams on their heads…


That’s a Mob disposal system.



Or just someone who likes sharks… Is it illegal to keep the sharks? I don’t think any of those are endangered or particularly dangerous.


It’s a perfectly reasonable mistake. Those sharks are supposed to be under the glass dance floor of a deafeningly loud douche night club (D’Basement). They just haven’t completed the build out. AN honest mistake, I’m sure!


Probably a local ordinance prohibiting keeping hogs so they were just trying to abide by the law. Harder to find human DNA in Shark Shit cause it gets diluted in the water.


On another note, I know sharks are very sensitive about getting the hell out when another shark dies; I wonder how stressful it was for these to be trapped in a tank with dead ones.


Some days, I swear I’ve woken up in some twisted comic book version of reality…


Those animals are likely unable to be rehabilitated at this point.

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My dad raises fish, but not sharks. Probably just some guy who likes fish. But maybe there is some endangered law or something.

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Darn, I was really hoping that video was going to end with the two women carrying her across the street. Midway there a giant shark leaps out of the pavement and chomps the little girl leaving the two women standing there in shock, staring at the arm each one was left holding.


Which could be said of any fish available at an aquarium store. Or any other pet.

The only one of those sharks I know well is the leopard shark, and they’re about as docile as they get. Usually in bays, I see them all the time during incoming tides looking for scraps left behind by land animals. Completely harmless unless you happen to be a clam. And they’re ubiquitous, and taken by fishermen all the time. With bow and arrow even! I don’t understand why keeping them in an aquarium elevates the situation to some other level from merely fishing for them, or keeping any other fish in an aquarium.

And note: dolphins, these ain’t.


Because it’s not an aquarium, it’s a fucking pool. A 15 foot diameter backyard pool crammed into a basement. For ten sharks. Fishing is one thing, keeping animals in these kind of conditions is entirely another. Cruelty to animals at best.


I hear you, but I suspect by those criteria any aquarium qualifies as cruelty to animals. The fact that it’s a pool just means it’s a big aquarium. And I’m not necessarily saying your criteria for cruelty to animals are wrong, I’d never have an aquarium in a million years. But I currently don’t see any difference between this and your garden variety fish tank, other than degree.

I’m sure if the sharks attacked, she’d suddenly go Full Yandere and slaughter them all with some large hell-blade.

they’ll need good conditions and proper care, not counseling. :slight_smile:

I’d be more concerned with the conditions that lead to the dead sharks, that is the main stressor that affected the rescued sharks, not the presence of a few dead fish/sharks.

sharks often kill and eat other sharks. sharks are fine with other dead fish, including other sharks, in proximity so long as the aquarium conditions are good, in fact such conditions are often an attraction and excite them. conversely sharks in aquariums are more likely to kill each other when other stressors are introduced into their environment.


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