Several bears visit this family's couch every night

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prep for hibernation and they are eating around 20,000 calories a day.

Envious beyond words…


Just heard Mary Roach on Fresh Air talking about human-animal conflict. Bears who harm humans, even inadvertantly, may be killed, or captured & relocated. Bears seeking calories often enter human homes. That’s why it’s best to discourage these encounters, even though that bear is very cute & personable. Also: lie down with bears, get up with fleas.


Looks cute and while I don’t think this family is feeding the bear I wouldn’t recommend letting it get used to human presence. Also those kids by the window… it wouldn’t take much of an effort for the bear to smash that glass in.

Wild animals are amazing and can look cute but our proximity to them is a danger to everyone involved. Odds are this bear would need to be relocated or put down if these encounters continue to be encouraged by the family


Bar needs scritches.

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I wonder how many calories the average kid provides. While cute as can be I’m afraid the luster would wear off if I found one munching on my kid.

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