Sex Criminals Volume Three: in which a dirty caper story becomes something much, much more

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The first two volumes of Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s Sex Criminals were a dirty romp: a pair of lovers who discover that they can stop time at the moment of orgasm start robbing banks to save a local library from demolition, and run into a posse of other time-stopping fuckers who are set against them. But in volume three, Three the Hard Way, the story transcends the sex and the jokes to take a hard, wet look at what humans do when we do sex.

expanding cast of characters include an asexual person, kinky people, gay people, sex workers, and people who question the whole nature of sex and sexuality.

I deal with that daily at work, no biggie.

Glad to see from that image the trope of the Monstrous Feminine is not dead. Reminiscent of Spenser!

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