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Starting as a liberal arts graduate who barely passed freshman bonehead English on the third try and later discovered I suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome and dyslexia, I began to write as grief therapy from my time in Nam and the loss of a partner of many years from SLE. I write speculative, science-fiction/fantasy novels, to flex my mind-muscle, hopefully to keep it healthy, to hone my writing skills, and to escape for a while from an increasingly insane world. Writing is a never ending journey of exploration and learning. A journey I’m glad I began at the turn of the century. ~ Waddie Greywolf

The ten million dollr question:

What do you do when you don’t have any self confidence? I’m not going to cry and moan on the details. I’m sure everyone’s hit a slumpy period in theri lives but for me? I dunno. I should be able t oshrug at the lack of feedback or readers and just carry on having fun with what i do, but I don’t. It bothers me I have to use what i feel is some form of emotional blackmail to get more than a noncommital statement.

Probably a case of expecting too much or not marketing enough.

This would probably be more inspiring if that damn music were mixed lower.

“You have to make fiction writing mumble mumble mumble.”

“Keep at it until somebody says ‘kid, you’re absolutely no good [?] mumble mumble.’”

I’m currently doing the NaNoWriMo for the fifth time and not giving a single fuck about the quality of what I write. I used to be WAY too concerned about getting feedback or simple acknowledgement. It really fucked me up and eventually turned me off writing altogether.

Don’t seek out companionship on your writing journey, don’t join blog circles or writers groups until you’re comfortable you’ve found your own voice because you need to accept that you’re going to write a lot of crap for many years before you produce anything that people are really going to want to read. Support groups are going to poison your expectations and either turn into circle-jerks or beat you down with “honesty”.

Once upon a time writers toiled in abject obscurity, bothering no-one but editors and agents. Now everyone feels obliged to put up their every written word on the Internet so it can be admired.

In much the same way you should dance like no-one is watching, there’s nothing wrong with writing like no-one is reading. They probably aren’t, but it doesn’t matter.


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