Shadow of the Colossus remastered in 4K

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I still think Shadow of the Colossus is a gorgeous game in it’s original PS2 form, but i’m definitely incredibly excited for the true HD remake. Not joking i’ve played this game more than any other single player game that i can recall, i had finished it about 20-30 times in each difficulty setting. I played a little bit from the PS4 version but i had borrowed the game so i didn’t put as much time in that version, however i foresee spending a lot of time on this remake version.

Also pipe dream, i would love some Colossi figures. Especially if articulated and not made entirely out of PVC or polystone. Would like it in mixed materials to get the fur and various creature textures in it just right. If i had the skills i would build them myself but i have zero skills :c


Fantasy castles, where nobody questions the effort it would take to carry six bags of groceries from the car.



I like the Secret of Mana remake art. It looks like the art from the manual, though a hand-drawn style like Cuphead or Jotun would obviously have been far superior and absolutely possible.

I have had a fierce disdain for HD reissues of classic games ever since I discovered that “Serious Sam HD” used a different physics engine that did not implement the original’s use of arbitrary gravity. So you had meticulously recreated levels that did not work as intended because you could no longer walk on the ceiling. I quit the game in disgust, uninstalled it, and went back to playing the original.

I play my games as they were originally made and don’t fret that an old game isn’t in HD or 3D or 4K or VR or whatever the current hot new thing is. If that means that its either a tiny 640x480 window in the center of my screen, or giant pixellated low res artwork filling my 20" monitor, so be it.

Fine, but imagine the glorious bloodbaths you’re missing out on with Elevator Action 4k, or Dig-Dug 4k.

Except old games, even beloved ones, are frequently unplayable compared to even mediocre modern games. Serious Sam HD was a terrible port, but that isn’t because the updated engine - it’s because they didn’t port the game well at all. Shadow of the Colossus is fidgety and awful to play. The controls are borked, there are tons of glitches, and the game is fueled by nostalgia and maybe the best environment construction of any video game.

I mean, the Final Fantasy remakes alone are about 50-50 because you have something like the GBA FFVI port that was perfect except the music was all fucked up or the mobile port of FFVI running perfectly with orchestral music but a terrible art filter. Then you have the FFX/FFX-2 HD remake combo that is completely updated and gives you the ability to use basic emulation tools like fast forwarding and turning encounters off to enhance the experience.

Damit, now I have to buy this game for a 3rd time.

Since this is a “remaster” it’s fairly likely that the controls will be untouched.

That’s probably part of the reason the whole thing looks off; it’s just a fresh coat of paint on a 12 year old game when it really needs to be rebuilt.

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Sometimes when I’m in somebody else’s home and I see that they have ‘motion smoothing’ or whatever turned on, I surreptitiously go into the menu and turn it off. I figure it’s just a little bit of good I can do in the world, free of charge.


A perfect remaster is like a perfect port to PC from console, you update the engine and graphics as well as smoothing out the wrinkles while leaving the controls familiar. The end goal is making the game feel like how you remember it and not how it is.

Its not a remaster, that was the somewhat recent PS4 HD release. They’re remaking the game, so it’s exactly what you’re asking for. And it will have the option for using the old controls and new controls.

Personally i find this remake to look excellent thus far. What i would like is a Director’s Cut of the game adding in cut content, perhaps nothing significant like new Colossi though that would be nice. What i’d like is some of the map areas expanded upon, i’ve read and seen videos of areas that were obvious they had larger plans for but left unfinished and would love to see the world built up a tad more.

Edit: In case you need a source on the remake thing


Ah, I got confused with the HD Remaster and remake. They sure are milking the corpse of Team Ico for all it’s worth, aren’t they?

Perhaps but the game is a masterpiece and think it’s a relevant game still. I have zero complaints about the remake as long as it plays and feels the same or better. Where I might be apprehensive about would be a follow up to it, though I’m not opposed to it (doubt it’ll happen)

Not to mention the lack of safety rails on elevated walkways. What is this, Middle Earth?

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Well, the cynic in me imagines that Sony is looking to make up for the insane development time of The Last Guardian. If there ever was an example of the Sunk Cost Fallacy that game might have been it.

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Still haven’t played that game, i’ll get around to it some day.

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I just want them to fix this damn bridge!

It took me twice as long to reach the third colossus as it did to kill it.


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