Shanghai Disneyland: "Ignite the magical dream within your heart"

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A Disney post that’s not by Cory? Has the world gone topsy turvy?

The magical dream that is within my heart is democracy in China. I assume that will be there?


I’m afraid you might not live long enough to see your particular dream realized.


They need to build it under a dome with filtered air.

I have read that the government has closed nearly 128 factories in the vicinity of Shanghai Disneyland to combat that problem. They really really don’t want photos all over the media and internet of Shanghai Disneyland shrouded in that hideous gray/green thick haze that you find in Beijing. Been there, breathed that, no fun.

Ignite the magical dream within your heart

Careful there, that is flammable.

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Everything I’ve seen of this place is amazing; the new TRON ride mockups look fantastic. This is what Disney parks get to do when they have the cash and freedom to play around a bit, and the challenge of doing something really amazing to draw crowds at a new park that has to prove itself right out of the gate.

I was reading that one big challenge they had was to redesign lines for rides to combat line-jumping, because the Chinese are really fond of doing so. You see it all the time at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

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So…they made it an open-plan shared office as well as a line to see if countervailing get-out and hurry-up just canceled? NoDB Busby Berkeley and Segway-ish queue service?

Chinese Weather Control Magic to the rescue! …mostly bike parking…

How much difference would such a localized solution make? I’m often looking at the site below to see the pm2.5 sweeping over from China to Japan. I don’t think those plumes would be affected by a cluster of factories closing.

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I’m not an expert in weather control. Just read about the factory closings in an article which was repeating translated information from the Chinese news. I know that factory closings were successfully used to prevent smog during the Olympics.

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