Shark captures fish, then bird captures shark, then photographer captures it all

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Nature, red in tooth and claw.

If only these photos weren’t on Facebook :pensive:

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The sequence is also here - anything that helps avoid the fuckerberg…


Natures version of BoGo

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Bless ye, bless ye.

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I’ve got a picture of Mark Zuckerberg eating that bird. shark, and fish on a lovely silver platter.

I’d look at that picture, but not on Facebook.

Yeah, in a split second of not-paying-attention, I actually clicked on that fb link. Damn, I feel all dirty now.

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Well, I was not going to chip in further, but seeing as the question has arisen, I sent Rob the link at Petapixel when I suggested this as a possible post last night. I had not clicked through to see the source, and had not realised it was Facebook.
Don’t know why Rob would prefer the Facebook link, or not, at least, provide both, so we have some choice. I guess it’s likely something to do with going to the source rather than other intermediary publishers/linkers (which is a fine principle, but in practice is sometimes problematic - I mean it’s still Facebook, which many of us here seem to deliberately avoid. Same applies for the odd Daily Mail link that happens here. There are some sources that, no matter the topic, should never be linked to unless they are part of the actual story itself. But that’s just my HO and I’m not the publisher here. Happy to have provided some choice, anyway.)

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I think, as per the classic five-bird recursive roast, we need to see a picture of the EU data regulator with their teeth around Zuckerberg, with his teeth around the bird, with …

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Thanks. I don’t have a facebook account so couldn’t see the original page somehow.

also thanks to @AndreaJames for a wonderful thing!

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