Sheep killers jailed


Wait, “owning an illegal knife?”

I was gonna go with “wait, a ‘rare sheep’?”


It’s not clear whether from the article whether the knife itself was illegal, or whether they were illegally carrying it in public - some types of knives are always illegal (flick knives, butterfly knives etc), and there are some laws about not being able to carry knives in public without a good reason (with the exception of folding knives (penknives) 3" long or less).

Here’s the appropriate link:

One of the irritating things is that the 3" folding knife is only automatically legal if the blade cannot be locked in place. As a result I can’t carry my Leatherman in my bike pannier without having a good reason.

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If you think that’s bad, wait until Fall at a typical sheep farm.

As much as it is strange and disturbing to kill a sheep for the purpose of scaring children with it’s severed head, it’s no more cruel to the sheep than it is to butcher it for food.

No matter your stance on slaughtering animals for food I’m sure the process is less cruel than “repeatedly stabbed the animal in the neck and stomach before chopping off its head”.

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Jetpack please, I want out of this county. :expressionless:

Tyranny! When knives are outlawed, only outlaws will have knives! And chefs! This is what happens when you don’t write down your constitution!

I’m pretty sure “repeated stabbing” is not an approved method of livestock slaughter.

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