Sheer variety of Oreos sells Pope Francis on capitalism


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Great. Thank you. Now I am craving Oreos.
…or the sweeter, even yummier, somewhat generic Irish variant…


Fun, but you should include the fact that it’s from The Onion on the main page, not just the article itself. Have it be like the text at the end of the page: ‘Pope Francis Reverses Position On Capitalism After Seeing Wide Variety Of American Oreos [The Onion]’

Seems disingenuous without the attribution - ya’all didn’t write it.


I heard on NPR this morning that there’s an entrepreneur who resurrects dead products. He’s bringing back Hydrox.


Mmmmmmn, key lime Oreo blessed by the Pope - sacralicious.
Would that make them key lime Jesus meat?


Body of Christ…

Blood of Christ…


Christ is Soylent Green?


This is why I love The Onion. There’s usually nothing fun beyond the headline, but the headlines kill.


Yes, now.


Soylent Green is papal!


I’ve subscribed to the Onion’s RSS feed. I can’t read the articles at work (because proxy) but generally just the headlines are funny enough.


the last sentence was really good, too.




just not kosher.


Lime Loving Heretic!

Peanutbutter is the one true Oreo!


this is why oreos rock


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