God's trade show


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You know my sister was a nun until she found out what “none” meant.


For those in and around Chicago, Watra Church Goods sells this type of stuff year-round. Makes for an interesting place to take a date.


Don’t worry. I’m sure all the proceeds go to the poor.


Don’t kid yourself. These religious businesses are all about their prophets.


Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, and he can give you 25%, the Fed 20%*, the state 10%*, the city 1% and the church 10%, plus something for the permits & access fees, and finally, a little to charity too. Everybody wins


*Possibly more if he’s really good at it!


…except the fish.


I used to work near a hall used for trade shows. One day I happened across a show for the “worship facilities industry”. It was full of these giant speakers and monitors they use in megachurches now. Another way religion is big business these days.


When you leave your local megachurch, you do have to go through the gift store.


I used to purchase good quality church incense and self-igniting charcoal, the kind used in Catholic services, in a Catholic goods store in Old Montreal.

The odour was wonderful, and didn’t leave a stale, humid stink, like the usual incense sticks.


C’mon @pesco don’t make the noob mistake of conflating Christianity with God


To be fair, plenty of Christians tend to make that conflation, too.


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