Shiny Fu dog assemblage sculptures

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Yet another thing I wish I had the disposable income for.
Those are pretty freaking cool.


I think those are foo monkeys.

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Those are pretty.

These do make a sinister impression. Something… far reaching. They would almost certainly make a would-be thief think twice before snagging them.

Pez Dispenser Plus.


They might have to guess the right amount of sand in the bag, or something to that effect.
But really, those are pretty inspiring. In the winter, all I have to do every day is get inspired to go to the shop and make stuff. I see these, and I want to go out there and start tacking stuff together, even in the middle of the night.

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Reminds me of something, can’t quite put my finger on it…


Uh, in China (where I am currently writing from), those are lions. They are usually male and female. My family were given a pair that were males only, which I assume they means they are a happy gay couple. They are supposed to guard against evil spirits, so I put them outside my kids door and closet door to ward off monsters (no monsters messed with my kids and they slept better).


God damn it, you beat me too it…

If one had a key around it’s neck, and the other the lock, that would be perfect.


Yes, I’m aware of that… My friend was born in China, and asked specifically for “Fu Dogs”.

Since he was funding the sculptures, I didn’t want to debate details with his interpretation of his own heritage. I just carried out his vision.

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