Shirley Temple singing a death metal version of 'On The Good Ship Lollipop'


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There is nothing less death metal than colorization.


Ok, ok, it’s not really her voice



I’m confused by what’s going on outside the windows… Are they in a plane flying scraping-the-floor low?!


I’ve been hoping for a death metal version of Poi Dog Pondering’s lilting yet passive-aggressive “Living With The Dreaming Body.”


Maybe it’s a bus, not a plane.


Here’s an interesting cover of Slayer’s “Payback” … on ukeleles. Payback’s a bitch, Cheryl!

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Clearly this is a rare rehearsal tape. In concert, she always had that Slipknot mask on.



@OWYAC They’re taxiing around an airport for Shirley’s birthday party. Her father, in the movie, had been a pilot but he “cracked up.”


Not that it’s Death Metal, but Shirley Temple’s daughter, Lori Black, played for Melvins.

Here’s a clip of them with Lori live:


Was I the only one who was thinking “oh my god, she’s trapped with a busload of pedophiles!”?


Noooo no! Judges and Senators! Trustworthy Republicans all!


Shirley Temple might have had reasons.

When kids on set misbehaved, they were sent to a black sound booth where they’d sit on a block of ice. “So far as I can tell, the black box did no lasting damage to my psyche,”

- The Atlantic


That makes sense; and I guess the airport is in someplace like California or Florida, because it looks like palm trees out the windows.


Part of me was definitely hoping for the improbable possibility than in the 90s she had participated in a remake parody. Not just dubbed over, but her at 65 walking around an otherwise similar looking plane singing death metal, but all the men reacting as if she is the sweet curly haired kid.


Most likely California. That where Fox (the real Fox) Film was headquartered.

And they are supposed to be in a DC-2 if I remember correctly.


I just kept thinking, Jesus H this is creepy, and not because of the vocals.


Andy Rehfeldt is a national treasure and I will fight you if you disagree


That’s like, fourteen dozen times better than the OP.