Short box pins

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I don’t get it…


Short Box? How lame. All mine are Long Boxes. But I still might NEED that pin.

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My guess is some obscure reference to a sci-fi/fantasy TV show/comic/movie which carries some in-joke not to be shared with the washed masses.


Actually, I am incorrect. “Short box” clearly refers to an arbitrage strategy that involves selling a bull call spread together with the corresponding bear put spread with the same strike prices and expiration dates.


Alternatively, “short box” may be the antithesis to a “long box,” also known as an “extended cab” in truck parlance.

Oh dear, it seems I have egg on face. “Short box” definitely describes a short beard style, closely cropped to emphasize cheek-bones and jawline. Warning, this beard style may not be the ideal choice for everyone.

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Whoops, I was partially right! Short box has something to do with hair, but the hair on top of the head, not the face! Want to style your hair as a short box? Look no further!

So, I think that clears that up.




It’s one of those things that, if you lived with dozens of 'em at any point in your life, each full of your most precious belongings all lovingly sleeved and backed with cardboard, and sorted and reorganized and just fawned over at least every other day, you just get it instinctively. The common feeling and shared experience it evokes. Which is kind of the wordless point of it.


Oh, well that explains it. And it paints a heartbreaking tableau, at the same time.

I used to have a bunch of boxes that were very similar to this, but not quite as tall. But I collected 45 RPM records, not comic books.

Then you get to share a sly smile with an entirely different cohort of nerds when they come out with your pin.

And some of us had to go with short boxes rather than long because that’s all that would fit in the closet!


Oh the nostalgia. Can we got one of these too?

Meh. My old comic collection fits in a half dozen pillow cases. Works pretty good I think.

Ah memories. Last time I moved the only place I could find boxes on craigslist was a comic store selling those. They are ridiculously small for moving purposes, but I still store my tools in them since they are so strong.

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It’s a box you store comics in.

The post is all inexplicably coy about it, which made me think there was some other meaning I wasn’t getting, but no. It’s just a box for comics.

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I don’t get it because I was a comix nerd, but I get it.

There’s a personality type where, if the hobby doesn’t involve at least some opportunity for arranging things in rows, and rows in grids, and grids in sleeves, and sleeves in binders, and binders in boxes, and boxes in larger boxes, and larger boxes in a line on a shelf, you’re not interested. And ideally there is a standardized set of paraphernalia for the hobby in question that can be ordered from a catalog.

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Your are correct .

Not be confused with the "short against the box" tax management strategy. Especially when used to defer capital gains on a successful LEAP arbitrage.