Shoulder-mounted GoPro stops Iraqi sniper's bullet

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If they have a lottery where he is, then he should play it.


Eh, honestly, I think it was just a near miss. It looked to me like it came down the road, to his side, and it just nicked the front of the camera.

I say this not to be a fuddy duddy, but the Go Pro, as well made as it is, isn’t going to stop or even really affect a 7.62 x 39mm.


Maybe spreading anecdotes like this are how we get police to wear body cameras.


And he just waks around the back of the car.
I simply can’t imagine living in a world where I’m not crapping my pants after surviving a near-miss from a sniper’s bullet - and believe me, I’ve had some legitimate near-fatal experiences in my life.


I was thinking about something similar this morning. How do you protect yourself from a lone suicide bomber loser? It’s like a lightning strike. There’s no way to predict it.

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Gutierrez, for today, I yield my square inch of the internet to you.


That was my read as well. Given how thoroughly the camera was obliterated it seems unlikely it did much at all to the trajectory.

Everything said above, but also… we have no idea where that came from… let’s stand around in the open talking about it for a while?

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Ssh! If everybody knows that then TLAs can’t get all that lovely no-strings-attached funding!

Around these parts? Slow day at the office. And no, that’s not cool.

Having been conditioned by tv and movies to expect to hear a gunshot I found the buzzing whine of the bullet’s passage to be weirdly disturbing.

I can’t watch the video so maybe the title is just wrong but was it really an Iraqi sniper shooting at an Iraqi journalist?

Yeah, a 7.62 doesn’t stop without transmitting all of that speed into what ever is in its way. I think a direct hit would have just turned that GoPro into shrapnel inside that dude’s shoulder.

People don’t carry around as many bibles or cigarette cases these days. What else is going to lucky-stop a bullet these days, a cell phone or a pocket constitution?

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Why does this come into question at all?

Because it implies some internal strife I wasn’t aware of. I was under the impression the Iraqis were pretty focused on ISIS and Al Qaeda. Granted news coverage is sparse these days so maybe I’m misinformed.

Theres been lots of internal strife there for years now. This bit of info didnt surprise me in the slightest.

Well yes, and their members in Iraq are mainly Iraqis.

Kevlar, hardened steel and/or ceramic plates.