Shrek premiered on this day in 2001

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Farley was and still is a one of a kind, happy trails big guy.


I worked on Shrek. The film struggled to find its voice for a long time. Early versions were not nearly as good as the final product. It’s possible the film could have gotten good with Farley in the lead, but the version as of the time he died wasn’t. Even well into Myers time on the project we struggled to get it right, and a lot of the early scenes had to be re-done.


It took a long time for their 3D animated films to catch up to Pixar’s. Antz looked awful compared to A Bug’s Life and A Shark’s Tale was absolute garbage next to Finding Nemo. I think the place where Dreamworks Animation really shone in the early 2000s was in their stop-motion collaborations with Aardman (Chicken Run, Wallace and Gromit in Curse of the Were-Rabbit).


Here’s a odd Shrek artistic coincidence which has struck an ancient admirer of ancient cartoons as coincidental… here’s Popeye vs the Martians (c1946) (“eh… green, burly, and sucker-tipped ear thingies, pretty common image, isn’t it?”)



not to be that guy but Shrek’s premier date for the USA is listed as April 22, 2001.

Shrek 2’s date is listed as May 19, 2004, which is closer than the original, but still not right.

Those were mostly Aardman though. Dreamworks would come up with bullshit like “Does everyone in Wallace and Gromit have to be English?” or “We don’t know what a marrow is, get rid of all the references to them.”

Aardman were desperate to get out of that bad deal.


At least Dreamworks didn’t insist on shoehorning “Baby Got Back” into those ones like they did with Shrek and A Shark’s Tale.

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