Silence of the Lambs bloopers reel


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The Hokey Pokey… priceless!


Freeze! Put you hands on your hips!

I was so, so hoping she was going to continue with “And bring your knees in ti-i-ight/'Cause it’s the pelvic thrust/That really drives you insa-a-a-a-a-ane…”


Hopkins doing Stallone is priceless.


Of course, the most famous blooper is the one they left in. The original line is “I ate his liver with some navy beans and a nice Bordeaux,” but Hopkins deliberately said “fava beans and a nice Chianti” as a joke. These would, of course, be disastrous pairings with organ meats, enhancing the already acrid taste of the human liver while doing nothing to balance with sweet or savory tones. (In the reaction shot, you can see Jodie Foster, an oenophile herself, struggle to avoid bursting into laughter.) But Demme decided that it was a perfect symbol of Lecter’s insanity and kept it.


“I ate his liver with jelly beans and a fine Chianti.”


Just came to say Scott Glenn is my man crush.


Six words I’ve never heard together but totally made my day


Reddit had another explanation, although, of course, Internet.



That first thirty seconds looped for a couple of hours would surely someone’s dream ASMR. (Or someone else’s exquisite torture.)


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