Silence retweets with the aptly-named Retweet Disabler

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Many (if not most) of the most followed accounts would simply vanish altogether.

And half of those remaining would be unoriginal tweets plagiarized from other accounts and platforms. While there’s some good stuff on Twitter, it’s signal to noise ratio is so low that removing all the circle jerking would leave a burnt out husk crawling with Russian bots and Internet Nazis that would soon starve like the bacteria after the orgy or consumption dines on the dead maggot-infested flesh of soulless zombie accounts.


I don’t use Twitter as it’s so acrid and pointless, but as a nerd it makes me feel stressed out when I’m reminded that it has all these little arcane knobs and switches of the kind I’d normally pride myself on knowing all about.

“What’re you doing Saturday night?”

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