Silicon Valley's CEOs are just like CEOs everywhere: banal financial engineers, not superheroes and supervillains

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When stuff like this happens, I consult the chicken report and feel better for a little while.


The trouble is, there are people who would make good and just CEOs, but because they are good and just, they have no desire to be CEOs.


What it means to be a chief executive officer all depends upon how people decide to create organizations. A “corporation” can be practically anything, as can any of its “offices”. A more pertinent consideration might be why we are seeing so many of the same stereotypical kinds.

"But there is nothing remarkable about these men. The Pirates of Silicon Valley do not have imperial ambitions. They have financial ones."

Greed. That’s what they’ve got. And they’ve got it in spades. trump, a billionaire millionaire many times over, still feels it necessary to keep an Executive Producer credit on a TV show. Because it’s never enough, the greedy douchebag.


Listen to Doug Zongker’s presentation of this if you want contagious laughter.


I was on a course with one of these once. He was the elected CEO of a workers’ co-operative. When new workers joined they had to agree that if elected to management positions they would fulfil them. Having been elected, the works council was sending him on a senior management course in the shiny new V12 Jaguar they insisted he have because they did not want people to think a workers’ co-operative was some sort of cheapskate outfit.
The best thing of all was the woman in our group, from Unilever, who simply could not get her head around it and kept saying so, loudly.


I know linking to hewhoshallnotbenamed is risky, but at 28C3 Dingledine et al (2011) gave a good presentation about Tor but more importantly about the role of software and hardware corporations in total surveillance and human rights abuses, skip through to 1:05:30 to get the wrapup.

It’s a classic.

Because they’re the kind that people (venture capitalists and others) hand money to.


One problem is that big corporations run by people who care only about profits buy small companies run by people who care about service, product quality, employee satisfaction, and so on. Then they proceed to corrupt them, drain them, and close them.


Sounds like a planned ecosystem. When plants or animals are provided with a climate, an environment and materials to allow them to grow, whereupon they are reaped by the owners of said environment, we call it farming.

Silicon Valley is the new Fertile Crescent


Ha ha! Reminds me of Uncyclpedia’s best page:!

And we are all getting fertilized. But not in those words.


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