Simone Giertz and Laura Kampf created a set of project dice

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Just like the people who know the recipe for coca-cola, these two should never be in the same place at the same time. An accidental loss of both of them would be too much for the world to bear.


I love watching good friends doing fun things together, and this was awesome. Now I’m going to check our Laura’s house renovation channel, because damn… that’s hella hard work, and I want to see how she goes about it.


TIL that “Giertz” is pronounced like “yetch” and suddenly my understanding of the world shifts once again in strange and new ways. Pretty much a standard morning for me, then.

Simone Giertz has been one of my heroes for a long time, and now I get to learn about Laura Kampf. Cool!


While I know I’ve heard of Simone and her wonderful antics, I’m a sucker for dice. I immediately clicked through and saw $65 for three d6s. I don’t know how to judge these things, but that seemed like a bit of a steal for some cool electronics, just wanted to search how to program them so I could replace what options would randomly pop up on the top screen when they were rolled…

Oh. They’re not electronic. They’re not screens. They’re static. They’re three cubes with things permanently written on them. For $65. … yeah that’s an easy pass

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I love 6d dice.


And, I love these smart women.

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That project is something alright. I don’t want to give too much away, but like many old building renovations it seems like a bottomless pit of troubles encountered.

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Even Simone admits that the pronunciation of her surname is weird

Her first name is also not pronounced “See-moan” but rather “See-maw-neh”, but nobody seems to bother with that, not even herself (when speaking English).

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