'Single-use' edges out 'VAR,' 'floss,' 'gammon,' and 'plogging' as this dictionary's word of the year


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Ted Danson learning to floss

single-use: That’s what I use to refer to my youngster dating years, prior to my Dear Wife. Now she refers to our marriage years as the “date that never ends”, gosh she’s a keeper.


I have not seen any of these words on BoingBoing. This place is really turning into the retirement home of the internet.


The “date that never ends”? So is that years and years of awkward silences; or is that just me.


@euansmith : Hang in there…

Roger That!


By Jove! Time to whip out my          



I always use my single-use VAR when gammon plogging… I don’t dance however.


Um… “single-use” is a word?


This feels like you’re challenging me to write about VARs, flossing, gammons, and the plogging community. Am I reading that correctly? :wink:


How is there not a link on Boing Boing about Plogging? I was sure I’d read about it here, but maybe it was the BBC instead.

Floss is definitely an age thing, though.


I think it has more to do with Collins Dictionary being Glasgow-based, and Boing Boing being (as far as I know) non-Glasgow-based. Maybe to a Glaswegian these terms would be more familiar.


So is the WOTY an ordinary word denoting a good thing, a good word denoting a bad thing, a word that has lost its meaning from overuse, or what?



Wait, no. Well, if they’re interesting?

EDIT: Aha, we have a Glasweigan shortage. I wonder if that’s good or bad?


I thought VAR was value-added reseller? Oh man, I was SO doing that job wrong…


No idea why Rusty mentioned where Collins happens to be based; they’re one of the main dictionary-producers in the UK, not just serving Glasgow, nor solely Scotland.



Hm, I guess I’ve got one of those.


In the USA single-use packaging was until recently touted as something good and useful despite many decades of anti-littering, anti-waste campaigning.

And VAR is probably one of the best things to happen to the game in a long time. It rules out all those dubiously awarded goals and penalties and red cards which make you shout “Oy! Fuck all, that was a red card!”, but without interrupting the flow of the game like in American football.


I’d imagine that this first post thing that you have going doesn’t stop at the end of the bulletin board.

She sounds like a saint.


This place is really turning into the retirement home of the internet.


Which is why it’s so strange that glassweegin’* wasn’t even on the shortlist…

*The sudden, almost narcotic euphoria experienced after cleaning a long overdue car windshield.