Sinkhole reveals politicians' tunnel to bars and brothels


Pretty unlikely. This is half a kilometer away from the old Irish houses of parliament, in an area which is riddled with normal building cellars and (to the best of my knowledge) in the wrong direction from the old Irish houses of parliament to be going towards the historical red light district.

Edit: Oh, and it’s beside an access cover


Location seems like a long way from Monto to me.
Also the herald is not the best news source, it’s best used for wrapping chips I got a free copy the other day and it was the perfect publication to go under an oil change in my garage.

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Just an old cellar according to the council

Not sure where they got that quote from, as pointed out it’s not that close to the houses of parliament and I’m not entirely sure they needed to be sneaking too much to engage in their ill-repute. Monto, on the Northside, would have been a bit later than most of the dates mentioned here. By which stage Dublin, as an army town and major staging post for cannon fodder for the English empire, was so awash with prostitution that tunnels would have been needed to avoid it.


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