The incredibly charming story of Dublin's Chinese street names

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But Dublin having a sizable Chinese population reminds me this Irish language short…


Such a delightful little film!


It really is! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Clanbrassil Street in the Liberties used to be known as Little Jerusalem because of all the Jewish businesses located there. And supposedly all those business owners moved en masse to the suburb of Rathfarnham a few miles south in the foothills of the Dublin mountains (in the '50s I think).

There is a Jewish golf course out there too.

I think some (perhaps many) also emigrated to Israel.

So there were Jewish people living in Dublin, but oddly, I’ve never met any. Not that I know of anyway.

But growing up I here I just assumed everyone I met was a catholic and in my adult years I’ve just been assuming everyone is an atheist lapsed catholic cos pretty much everyone I know is…

Also, there was a pogrom in Limerick in the early 20th century lead by a Christian Brother and carried out by blue-shirts - Irish Nazis from which one of the two major political parties currently in power here is descended!


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