WATCH: Snowing in Sligo Guy is the new Double Rainbow Guy


First thought: where the fuck is Sligo?

Second thought: I could go for a cup of tea.


The Father Dougal is indeed strong in that gentleman.


Sligo’s in Ireland. There’s a tune called “Rocky Road to Sligo”. Also one called “The Cup of Tea”.


There was probably a lot of that in my sister’s neighborhood of Temecula, CA on New Year’s Eve.

But then, I doubt anyone was saying “It’s only fookin’ snow.” My sister’s lived there for close to twenty years and never saw a single snowflake fall there before.

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I’m pretty sure this isn’t a genuine reaction, it’s comedy. Having said that, it doesn’t snow much in Ireland (despite it being cold most of the time, just not cold enough). So we do act a bit weird around it at times, he’s just sending that up. The bit with the little budda is hilarious.

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This was not unlike my puppy’s recent first encounter with snow.


I’m going with genuine. His noticing how the berries stood out, as if he hadn’t noticed them before, would be hard to script. Whether genuine or improvised, I want to be that guy.


I remember having the day off school for about that much snow.

“It’s only fookin snow allen” is the new “Leroy, you are just stupid as hell”

“You’re like a big kid Allen.”

And that’s why I want to hang out with Allen.


Was there in the late 90s. Seemed devoid of chain stores. It rained.

wake up Charlie, you silly sleepy head, we’re going to candy mountain!


Is his mother Terry Jones?

Shun the non-believer! Shunnnnnn!

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Rainfall? In Ireland?

Astounding :exclamation:


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