Britons struggle to walk up icy hill in Swanage


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Living in the Northeastern US, I sympathize!

I suppose that they don’t get ice often enough to be equipped for it? This time of year, I pretty much have a pair of Microspikes or Hillsounds in my backpack all the time, With spikes on, I’d cruise right up that.


i wonder what’s so great about the top of that hill?


Apparently it involves a deal with God.


Took a whole lot of tr-y-in’, just to get up that hill!


Pesonal Sisyphus Syndrome


How can we be sure they’re not just trying out for a Japanese game show?




it reminded me of this too!


Mute and maximise the left-hand vid.


They’ve made the rookie mistake of walking the wrong way on one way ice. No excuse for it, it’s clearly signposted.

My favourite walking-uphill-failure video is:


Micro Spikes! The cold weather backpackers friend… and I suppose, the city dweller’s ice laden street companion.


Is the fact that it’s Swanage part of the joke? I don’t get it.


Who are the Britons?


Totally needs Bolero, excellent!


wondering what lizzie yarnold would say


The people who didn’t vote for Author?



Swanage? Sounds like fake news, probably ice walking actors.




Reminds me of…