Sisters, age 5 and 8, talk about how they survived two nights lost in the woods

I heard from a totally reliable source in Grade 3 that if birds eat bread, they blow up because they can’t fart. They should’ve just followed the trail of exploded German Imperial Eagle corpses back home.


I’ve done the bow drill method and I could have sworn the plain old hands on the stick method… It’s tedious.
That was summer camp when I was 15 yo
Could I do it again? I dunno, the pyro isn’t strong enough in me to sit through how long it takes… but of course back then I had nothing better to do.
Even in a survival setting you get distracted-- should i find more wood, should we be finding water instead-- this is never going to work I’m wasting my time–
so knowing it works and knowing that it will take a while is really important

The older one has a promising career in fiction.


As a kid, I learned pretty quickly that it was always handy to have a Bic lighter around, though getting your hands on one if your parents were non-smokers was a difficult task.

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