Trespassing woman and companion fail spectacularly at teaching kids a valuable lesson

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"our lawyer looked at their original video before they edited it, and looked at our original video and shook his head because he couldn’t believe that we were being charged these ridiculous charges!

I mean, we’re white, Goddamit!


It’s a pretty sad state we’ve come to, that you can’t even break into someone’s house to teach them a lesson!
Why, I bet that woman and her companion would be so grateful if someone cared enough about them to break into their houses, and teach them a lesson!



That woman is Voldemort


And run the risk of meeting the Homicidal Owners Association? I think not.


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our lawyer looked at their original video before they edited it

What could they have possibly edited out that would justify what was in this video? What a couple of assholes. Even if the kid did flip her off (and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she imagined it) that was in no way justified.


Crazy that people like this aren’t even at the Mitchell & Webb “are we the baddies?” level of self-awareness.


I don’t have a gun, but I would’ve loved to apply a mild dose of fire extinguisher to these two idiots.


I’m more than a trifle surprised that they weren’t worried about the ‘wrong person their could be consequences’ angle.

Unless I’m grossly misreading Title 2 Chapter 9 subchapter D it would have been entirely legal to just shoot them for trespassing; and it’s not desperately atypical for people to exceed legal standards when it comes to impulsive violence.


I was convinced the picture of her was another AI-generated image, until I saw the video. Turns out she put herself in the uncanny valley…

I suppose if the kids actually invited her inside, but that really doesn’t seem to be the case. (Nor would it justify her grabbing at the one kid who was filming.)


Um… is it just me or does that mug shot invoke the uncanny valley?

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Let’s ease up on judging this woman’s appearance and stick to her actions, please.


Or, and hear me out, she’s a racist asshole, and whatever beauty regime she uses had fuck all to do with that.

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In most states, this is true. There is a stunning amount of white privilege behind the assumptions Karen and companion made prior to entering a stranger’s home.


The audacity to come into someone else’s garage. Absolutely nail them with trespassing at the least.

The whole “flipping people off” reminds me of a personal story. So in 2nd grade I was allowed to walk to school and home myself. At that age the most dangerous thing a 2nd grader was worried about was “big kids”. There were older kids who would harasser others (like middle school age) and then high school kids were these mythic marauders who could punch you into next week (not sure where this fear originated, but anyway).

I am about half way home from school, and this kid probably around 16 is driving by, just hanging the middle finger out on top of the steering wheel for all to see. So I flip him off back.

Well, I guess he saw that, because he slammed on his brakes - screeching to a stop. That was my “Oh shit” moment. I freeze for a second and then start running the other way. I am sure he got a laugh about it and then continued on.

Anyway, that was a lighthearted experience compared to the insane harassment these kids went through.

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Well, as a wise man once said, fuck around and find out.

At the very least, I’d want to use a nail gun to nail them to the garage door.


Or an awareness that it doesn’t matter what the law says, Black kids know better than to defend themselves against white aggressors.