Sisters, age 5 and 8, talk about how they survived two nights lost in the woods


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Humboldt County was it? Let’s just say that they most likely found some edible plants growing that helped them with creative solutions…


That is the right answer. Good job, Mom!


Lesson #1: Turns out that breadcrumbs make a terrible wayfinding system. Fuckin’ birds, man.

Lesson #2: The lady in the gingerbread house is NOT your friend.


I heard she doesn’t even offer a gluten-free gingerbread option. Monstrous!


Maybe I’m cynical, but I see shades of Balloon Boy in this.


Was expecting a bear, bigfoot, or bloofer lady. Disappointed; not with Boing Boing, but with the state of cryptids in NoCal. Climate change is real people, and we are losing unique and fantastic species every day.


It’s obvious she just loves being the big sister.


If I ever get lost in the woods, I want them with me. I only how to start a fire w/out matches in theory.


Even the Brothers Grimm failed to encompass the horror that is the lady in the gluten-free gingerbread house.


On the other hand if Hansel and Gretel had left a trail of gluten-free breadcrumbs there’s a good chance the birds would have left it alone.


My wife was ranting about the Into the Wild movie and how painfully stupid McCandless appeared to be. She recounted the hunting scenes to my stepdaughter, who was about 10 at the time. Stepdaughter said, “oh, I would have shot the elk calf. Less meat to waste.” and “aren’t maggots edible?” Little girls are beasts.


I wonder about the method of starting a fire :fire: the 8yo mentions?
Anyone ever try that?


Omg the lil sister’s face! “There was no fire. She is exaggerating and that is so like her and but does anyone want to hear my version of this ‘nature walk?’ No, they do not, as usual. So I will just hold my tongue and journal about it later. In my room!”


I was going to say, peyote is sometimes the reason people wind up lost in the first place. /s


But don’t worry kids. The plus side? she’s vegan, so you don’t have to worry about being eaten.

The downside? You will eat enough organic kale to piss out solid oxalate crystals before your parents show up to pick you up.


Too bad they didn’t get to hang out with the bears like that other kid a couple of months ago.


She is 8 years old?!? She made fire with just friction? (I was assuming when she mentioned it that she, somehow, had a lighter.) For anyone who watches Survivor, we’ve seen multiple episodes where grown-ass adults go nuts with frustration at their inability to make fire. I do not understand how an 8-year-old was able to do this. Try it yourself! This is not at all an easy thing to do.


based on media consumption of kids going through rough times I assume she stared hard at some kindling until her eyes got this eerie green light and the kindling caught on fire.


Got the vocal fry goin’ down a treat kid. 8 going on 80. Get outta my way got a bear to kill. But really… textbook good work!