Six characters in search of a loophole

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('nuff said!)




Okay, NOT 'nuff said.

We can get around the six-character limitation with the strategic deployment of HTML character-entities - including, but perhaps not limited to,   and ­.

NOTE: ­ is a soft-hypen; it will render if the enclosing text can span a line-break.

NOTE: This technique does not work in topic titles, which render the entities as plain-text. See QUEST for ALL CAPS TOPIC TITLES for more.

There are some other entities that might be worth exploring:

emsp   em space
thinsp thin space
zwnj   zero-width non-joiner
zwj    zero-width joiner
lrm    left-to-right mark
rlm    right-to-left mark```





mnemonic device:

and now, blank-space post. semi-colon.

this is something you came up with or is this an old trick?

It may be an old think, but I figured it out on my own when Bgaji couldn’t post Bof. I remember running into the barrier myself, and thought about the   trick – which I regularly use to get empty paragraphs for extra “time/space” padding in a post.



Eventually, I wondered what would happen if NOTHING but    was the body of the post… YEP! The algorithm checks the character-count of the post source, not the character-count of the post render.

Another mnemonic is Non-Breaking-SPace, which is the name of the HTML entity which it is.

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(L’espace, c’est moi.)

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I’m curious what the images are–are they of any significance, or just something random because it was not allowed to be left blank? (On my screen, the profile image looks like a gold/white plaid or grid/table of some sort; the header image seems like a map of some sort…both very faint but can be seen better if the screen is tilted enough.) Care to tell?

Profile image is a white square, or so I thought. Breast is if a monochrome canvas somebody painted.

True story: each tweet is exactly 140 characters - two quotes and 138 whitespace chars of various kinds.


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