Councilman Kirby Delauter thinks journalists can't use his name without permission


Why I believe that’s Klan country.




and that of free speech.


Frederick City is now a DC suburb, but Thurmont is old hill country.
I remember seeing a sign in the 80’s in Cecil County (Ches Bay headwaters) on US Rt 1 saying “Welcome To Klan Country”. Maryland’s an incredible mix.


Rocky & Bullwinkle time!

In the 3rd season Rocky & Bullwinkle, the cartoon heroes sought out the magical hat, the Kerwood Derby. Third-rate actor Derwood Kerby took umbrage at his name being spoonerized, and threatened a lawsuit.

So Derwood Kerby’s lawyer called the animator, Jay Ward, and threatened. Jay Ward replied, “Great! We’ll pay you to sue us!”. The lawsuit was dropped.


(really? I need to add 6 characters?)

Six characters in search of a loophole

Good one. Might drive him cuckoo.


Reminds me of this old chestnut: “I’m not a $Relevant_Scientist, but $Completely_Unfounded_Opinion.”

That phrase should always go: “I’m not a $Relevant_Scientist. That is all.” Or better: “I’m not a $Relevant_Scientist, but I’ll ask $Relevant_Scientists to explain the scientific consensus about $Issue_At_Hand.”


I wish I had scads of money:

#47 is only $8.99! Should we start a community blog?


I went to camp there at a non-profit camp for Jewish kids. It is definitely Klan country; I was a counselor and a camper there and heard stories about lockdowns from rallies in town.


Your picture in #29 is the boilerplate.


Best PR stunt ever. Of course, you can only pull this one off once.


And now the whole world knows his name: Kirby “Streisand” delauter.


Well spotted :smiley:


FNP is always Feel No Pain to me…


Christ, what a Kirby Delauter.


OMG, that is the finest editorial response I have ever read!

So glad to know there are still journalists in journalism.


“Never move to Frederick County, Proud Home of Kirby Delauter.”


Dear Kirby Delauter,

Could you please forward me the information where you obtain your drugs? They appear to be some high quality shit.