Councilman Kirby Delauter thinks journalists can't use his name without permission

Why I believe that’s Klan country.

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and that of free speech.

Frederick City is now a DC suburb, but Thurmont is old hill country.
I remember seeing a sign in the 80’s in Cecil County (Ches Bay headwaters) on US Rt 1 saying “Welcome To Klan Country”. Maryland’s an incredible mix.


Rocky & Bullwinkle time!

In the 3rd season Rocky & Bullwinkle, the cartoon heroes sought out the magical hat, the Kerwood Derby. Third-rate actor Derwood Kerby took umbrage at his name being spoonerized, and threatened a lawsuit.

So Derwood Kerby’s lawyer called the animator, Jay Ward, and threatened. Jay Ward replied, “Great! We’ll pay you to sue us!”. The lawsuit was dropped.


(really? I need to add 6 characters?)

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Good one. Might drive him cuckoo.

Reminds me of this old chestnut: “I’m not a $Relevant_Scientist, but $Completely_Unfounded_Opinion.”

That phrase should always go: “I’m not a $Relevant_Scientist. That is all.” Or better: “I’m not a $Relevant_Scientist, but I’ll ask $Relevant_Scientists to explain the scientific consensus about $Issue_At_Hand.”

I wish I had scads of money:

2 Likes is only $8.99! Should we start a community blog?


I went to camp there at a non-profit camp for Jewish kids. It is definitely Klan country; I was a counselor and a camper there and heard stories about lockdowns from rallies in town.


Your picture in #29 is the boilerplate.

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Best PR stunt ever. Of course, you can only pull this one off once.


And now the whole world knows his name: Kirby “Streisand” delauter.

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Well spotted :smiley:

FNP is always Feel No Pain to me…

Christ, what a Kirby Delauter.

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OMG, that is the finest editorial response I have ever read!

So glad to know there are still journalists in journalism.


“Never move to Frederick County, Proud Home of Kirby Delauter.”

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Dear Kirby Delauter,

Could you please forward me the information where you obtain your drugs? They appear to be some high quality shit.

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