Clerk jailed for refusing same-sex marriage licenses writes of "furious, fist-pounding homosexual men"


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Let me see… what rhymes with clerk?

ETA: Oh, the irony!


fist-pounding, homosexual men

The delicious irony.


To be fair, I agree that fist-pounding in a government office is not appropriate.


I only had to see the headline to know…

I’m sure that bulk buys by evangelical churches will make her book a “bestseller.”


Because when you make yourself a public figure noted for homophobia of course you get hate mail.

When people make themselves into public figures noted for being against homophobia they tend to get hate mail including death threats.

If she was getting death threats or other threats of violence, then that is in fact super shitty. If she was just getting people in the public communicating to her, a public official, that she’s an awful person for refusing to do her job based on the sexual orientation of the people requesting her services, then that’s not even close to a disproportionate consequence.


"Liberty Council" sounds like the name for a b-rate comic book series from the late 1950s. Or the name of the BEST Pet Shop Boys/The Oak Ridge Boys cover band EVAH!


So, Gawd is her co-writer? Ooooooh wait, it’s Mike Huckabee. Apparently it gives him “hope for our nation”




“furious, fist-pounding homosexual men”

Chuck Tingle novel?


Or a car driving movie


I’m not gonna Google it but if the porn industry hasn’t made a series of films based on The Fist and the Furious yet then someone is asleep at the wheel.


The jokes…they write themselves.


This wins the comment game for today.


From the linked article (emphasis mine):

The book is co-authored by John Aman, director of creative services for Liberty Counsel, and Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel.

Proceeds will go to the counsel, a spokesperson said.

BTW, one of the men she denied a license is running for her job.


Someone should get out ahead of that and tell them that she ran for county clerk (and won) as a Democrat.


sounds like a chunk tingle novel


I am not sure she understands homosexual men… I mean I am sure there are some and if it works for you then great.


Or just tell them it’s a tale of homosexual fist-pounding.


That’s a new and rather shitty wrinkle on pro bono representation that I haven’t heard of before. “We won’t bill you, but if you become famous, you have to let us get all the financial benefit from your fame.” Although I suppose it’s really quite apt for the era of Trump.

So, I am dying to know, are they paying her anything for her time, or is she writing the book for them pro bono?


Sad thing is she’s probably going to make a Fair bit of coin.
Such a hero amiright?