Kentucky court clerk jailed until agreeing to do her job or quit it


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But… but… playing the persecuted and getting lots of money from fellow wingnuts was her end game!


I’m not understanding the part where she has to quit and they don’t just fire her. At least that’s a plus for living in a right to work state, do your job or find another one.


She’s an elected official and so cannot be fired. She can only be removed by an impeachment procedure from the State Legislature (or, maybe(?) by the county officials).


Jesus Christ, that explains more of this. Also, why the fuck is this the case?


Elected? Awesome.

I’m sure the special election to replace her (assuming she quits) will be a barrel of laughs.


This assumes that the state will impeach her. Why would they if they support her unconstitutional actions? It wouldn’t happen soon.


She might be a horrible, hypocritical creep but I still admire her for that 1990 Academy-Award-winning performance in Misery.


Parts of Kentucky still like to elect Democrats, I guess.


Sure, she’ll spend some time in jail, then do the media circuit.
Book deal. She’ll be a millionaire within a year.


Is she the only person who can issue those licences in Rowan County?

No marriages until she gets fed up of being in jail? (Is it legal for the judge to keep her jailed for contempt indefinitely?)

I’m just imagining that if/when she resigns (or her term expires), the campaign to elect a new clerk will be an utter shitshow.


Of course, if she has a queue of supporters lining up to pay any fines she gets, you just need to set the fine at a sufficiently high level per day so that we can test exactly how committed to the discrimination these bigots are.

Bonus side effect #1- conservative fundamentalists willingly paying money to the state.
Bonus side effect #2- sucking up these donations just before the next election cycle.


Get a million dollars for what sounds like a ton of work or keep $80k/year for not doing your job… That’s not so cut and dry…


I hope she gets to live in a country where what she wants to do is perfectly legal. Just not this one, please.


All this talk about her personal life and the Bible is completely beside the point. What is this country coming to when a public servant can’t arbitrarily and inconsistently decide that some people are better than others?


I really wish Jesus would come down - temporarily, not any end of days type thing - and just clarify for everyone’s benefit his take on certain things. It wouldn’t need to take long, and it could possibly lead to a better planet (which I think he’d want).

Same for Allah.


Some people have a visibly ugly spirit.


I doubt it would help. It’s hard to get any more straightforward than something like “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” but people have been skirting that one—often in the name of the God who issued the order—since day one. The minute Jesus was out of sight again everybody would just go back to business as usual.


I was confused about this too. It turns out that Rowen County Clerk is an elected position, so she can’t be fired, she’d have to be impeached. By politicians who would then be vulnerable on re-election. So in this one instance at least, it looks like the separation of powers is working as designed.


So folks on the right are upset that the federal government stepped in to punish a local official that refused to recognize a federal ruling (Kim Davis). The same folks who are upset that local officials are refusing to recognize federal laws (city officials ignoring federal immigration laws in sanctuary cities). Okay then.