Kim Davis, bigoted county clerk, is replaced


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At least she got to meet the pope and Mike Huckabee, right?


She may be a bigot who sucked at her job but I’ll always admire her 1990 Academy-Award winning performance in Misery.



Replaced with what?

Oh, oh, I know this one.
Another one.


That’s… almost eerie. She does look like the kind of person who could break your legs “for your own good” though.


Excellent first post. Welcome aboard!


Her replacement, Elwood, looks like a much happier human.


This writeup is missing the fun part - she was replaced by someone to whom she had denied a marriage license. it’s soooooo good

ETA: shit shit shit. I repeated something I read on twitter, and when I looked it up, it’s bullshit


The fewer public servants who think they serve an Invisible Bearded Sky Man™ instead of, y’know, the public, the better.

It brought a smile to my face so you keep the Like, but, yeah, Twitter…


yeah, I wish it was true.

You’d think someone with my handle would have learned to check if the story is true before repeating it, especially when it is so good

Here’s a link to the story of someone who was actually denied a marriage license by Kim Davis, but who lost the primary to Caudill

it’s less happy, and allegedly closer to @MaiqTheLiar’s original assessment, than I would have liked


Why thank you!


I thought the pope is the literal anti-christ for evangelicals.


At some level, I could conceivably muster some sympathy for somebody that had a job, and then had the supreme court change that that job to include duties that her religiously motivated homophobic bigotry prevented her from doing in good conscience. But to then try to get reappointed to that job? If she is unwilling to do the job, the only reason to try and continue in that job is to force HER views on others.


She only lost by about 700 votes. So yes, it’s good she’s gone, and yes, that county is still populated by a huge percentage of christian bigots.




Then again, there are only 140,000 people in the entire county and most people usually don’t even follow races for local offices like “County Clerk,” so an incumbent losing that position by 700 votes could well count as a landslide compared to most election years.


This is what Evangelicals have to do, it’s a requirement of their dogma. Which is why it is a terrible idea to elect any of them to any office.



Dear Kim - there’s the door, don’t let it hitcha where Dog splitcha.

Many evangelicals respect the pope for his beliefs, they just don’t see him as having any actual authority. If he acted more like a used car salesman flogging luxury bus tour of the holy land (see: Pat Robertson and his pious band of hypocrites) they’d be more inclined to prostrate themselves before him.

Xtian fundamentalists believe Hillary Clinton is the literal anti-christ.