Kentucky court clerk jailed until agreeing to do her job or quit it


On a point of pedantry, though shall not kill pretty clearly only refers to extra-judicial murders - God, particularly in the Old Testament, doesn’t have problems with it either as a punishment in war etc. In terms of the death penalty, John 8 is a stronger argument on that front…


Imprisoning her is going to turn her into a martyr. But I guess they were stuck. If she can’t be fired and Kentucky doesn’t want to impeach her, I’m not sure what else the Federal court could do.


More pedantry: Neither testament mentions lesbian relationships.


It boggles my mind that Ms. Team Jesus can’t comprehend the fact that she works for Caesar in the ‘render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s’ sense of the word.

If you want to operate under some other structure of authority just don’t be a state agent. It’s not like she was drafted into the marriage corps or something against her will.


The problem with her claiming some kind of religious exemption to doing this part of her job is that she could in theory not sign marriage licenses for Hindu or Muslim couples. Why is gay marriage more a problem for her than “worshiping a false god”? This is really all about a conservative throwing a hissy fit and trying some last ditch effort to stop the world from changing. Or maybe it’s about martyrdom, in which case she should be proud of her jail time (of course it won’t change anything out in the real world, homosexuals will still get married, just without her approval.)


i’m not sure what the courts can do, but the possibility exists of executive actions to temporarily freeze non-emergency federal spending in the state/davis’ county


The one thing I didn’t want to see happen. Now she’ll play the persecution card and the ‘I’m a martyr!!’ card. Ugh, that level of stupid I do not need!


I’ve read more than enough about both, and while I’m sure they were surprisingly humane and decent for their times, in our era they’d likely be considered assholes.


Adios MoFo!


The state can’t come out and say ‘We support her cause the GAYZ!’ due to it will make them look even more stupid than they do now.


See, that’s what I’m sayin’. People couldn’t even wait until the Bible was finished before everyone started trying to find a loophole.


It’s even weirder because ‘sanctuary cities’ typically don’t refuse to recognize federal laws, they just don’t participate in the various “Hey, let’s automatically forward every arrest report to ICE in the hopes that they can make some of our catch disappear and become somebody else’s problem” data sharing and reporting systems.

It’s not like the local police force attempts to drive out any feds operating in the area or anything, they just stop ICEing everyone they arrest as a matter of course.


The upside is this lady is a dinosaur. The world is moving on and her kind are increasingly unwelcome in it.

So snap a picture everyone, you’re witnessing an extinction event.


if they don’t follow the federal laws, then they don’t need the federal funds. Seems pretty easy to fix.


It’s good that ‘Judicial’ is rigorously defined, so that ‘extrajudicial’ actually clarifies matters significantly. I agree that the meaning is obviously a qualified one, given the various killing explicitly endorsed; but it isn’t qualified in a very useful way when it comes to deciding whether or not to do some murdering.


New meaning to “Christ, what an asshole.”


Actually if the judge could decide what’s done with the fines… donate to LGBT equal rights charities, etc… Win/Win.


It sounds like that in her court case she was trying to sue the Kentucky governor for ordering her to issue the marriage licences.

I’d say he’s already made it clear he doesn’t support her actions. Plus, he’s not up for re-election due to term limits (I will admit to being surprised that Kentucky has a Democratic Governor). Can the governor drive impeachment proceedings? (I know nothing about this sort of thing)

Aside: I see Rand Paul’s opinion is that marriage should be removed entirely from Kentucky and replaced with private contracts.


[quote=“daneel, post:38, topic:65084, full:true”

Aside: I see Rand Paul’s opinion is that marriage should be removed entirely from Kentucky and replaced with private contracts.

Well the private sector does EVERYTHING better.


Pick and choose…they’ve been doing that with the Bible for practically ever.