What's the weirdest thing you can find on AliBaba?


LCR-700 California Roll Machine/ sushi maki machine

This model makes fresh and tasty rice and spreads it with it being squashed or smashed. Anyone can make rice readily and quickly with our latest design.

Did you ever want to play questions?

If that attaches where I think it does, I’d be afraid to date the guy!


Totally OT, but how did you post with only 4 characters?



For the record (someone just had her annual checkup), urine tests require such wipes. So yeah, there is a market for vulva-sensitive-but-still-antibacterial wet wipes.


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#Six Characters of Magic Charms bracelet good jewelry gifts factory





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Is there something unique about used shoes from the Netherlands?
Or something special about Netherlanders’ feet?
Now I want to see what other “used” stuff is available.
Or maybe not.


With or without severed feet?



I was wondering about the 20 foot container.


I don’t want to see the shipping charges for that one.

And they can produce 6 per year? What, are they converting to solar?


Glad they finally get around to stating what it’s used for.


I don’t know if I have enough screams to justify buying that container to store them.


There are really a lot of suppliers of USB drives and human hair…


Order goats by the Gallon. 15 Acre minimum…

(In all fairness gallon seems to be a pretty loosely defined term on Alibaba.)


That’s an excellent mix of measurements. How many gallons to the acre?