Six cool picks from the Recomendo newsletter


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For insomnia, you could try Steve Gibson’s ‘Healthy Sleep Formula’. A small dose of slow-release melatonin and a dose of slow-release vitamin B3/niacinamide just before bedtime. Its purpose is to allow you to get back to sleep if you wake up prematurely.

Make sure you read the whole page I’ve linked to before taking these. In addition: melatonin and supplemental niacinamide (vitamin B3) can have bad side effect for some people. More information at those links.


I’m surprised that there are people who don’t know that cable-wrapping technique.


For anyone who gets migraines, careful with melatonin. It’s great for insomnia but I’ve had it trigger a migraine after taking it two days in a row.


That’s a hack? Reading an actuarial table? I guess it’s a good thing it wasn’t a trig table, eh?



I went back to my first message so I could underscore the need to read the whole webpage that I linked to, plus read up on side effects.


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