Six movie-inspired cocktails (and one TV-inspired hangover cure)

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BwB was the first Youtube channel I subscribed to. I actually made a Youtube account just so I could!

He has a couple clunkers, but most of his vids are excellent.

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Osttiroler Dry Gin by Schwarzer + ice + tonic water + 1 little twig of fresh rosemary.

It’s not in a movie, but I’ve been trying to bring back the Manhattan.

I started when I noticed that the Old Fashioned had been adopted by the faux-feminists-who-watches-too-much-mad-men.

(It’s also amusing to order one at a bar and watch it spread across the crowd. Try it sometime!)

Wait… he has… SURGE?!

Way to bury the lead!

My favorite cocktail in the 90s was surge, chilled in my aunt’s fridge, double fisted after a long day of super soaker battles.

Manhattans are one of my favorite drinks. Try it with Japanese hibiki some time. Smokey flavor is awesome.

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