Hemingway prescribes a drink for trumpian times: Death in the Gulf Stream


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My God that’s a lot of alcohol.


That sounds perfect right now.



Waaay better than the ‘Six Toed Cat’! : “The Six Toed Cat is made with care and professionalism by Bailey’s beverage director, Bryan Walsh, and in “The Cat” is blueberry & mint infused rum, lime, fresh mint, and ginger beer. It’s very mojito-ish with the rum and mint, but sweeter, and you get a bit of bite from the ginger beer.
The Six Toed Cat is served ice cold in a Mason jar and is best had on a balmy summer night”


I don’t drink due to a history of alcoholism in the family.

The closest thing I have to a drug is caffeine, which makes me all the more aware of how fucked up things are.

Please. Help me.


That was a mere tipple for Papa.





A perfect Martini should be made by filling a glass with gin, then waving it in the general direction of Italy

Noel Coward


I have a feeling that Trump prefers White Russians.


I raise a glass to you all! [waving towards Italy, generally]


Uncle Noel was onto something.


Drink less coffee.
(That was easy.)


Substitute the gin for rum, replace the bitters with rum, swap the lime peel for rum and use rum instead of ice and you’ve got almost the perfect drink.


And the next four years will consist of me saying “shut the fuck up Donny, you’re out of your element”. Life imitates The Big Lebowski.


i was thinking the same thing. i don’t mind a martini or three, but omg.


Lips that touch Gin, shall never touch mine.

Now Whiskey, that’s another story…


We could use a Sam Elliot right about now.


Something about the mounted deer head and the mounted fish and the cat twixt the two. Just… something.


Well…we can likely infer he thinks less of black ones.


My acute powers of observation and analysis force me to conclude that you like rum. Don’t deny it, now.