Size does matter, sex shop too small for SFO

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Honestly, I would rather buy lube from a sex shop than a coffee from that new ‘roastery’ in the international terminal.

…it probably tastes better.


Anecdotally, I’ve heard that business travelers tend to buy such things on trips, and leave them behind, either thrown away or stashed in their hotel rooms.

So, it would make sense to set up shop in airports.

What I can’t speak to is the various motivations to do so.


Are you an attorney?


I do not recall.


I was rather hoping this was going to be about the Serious Fraud Office.


Unless you have a ‘personal favorite’, why not pick up something to use on a trip after you get where you’re going, then discard it if it doesn’t make you happy enough to truck it home?
eta: having this shop in the airport also means you don’t have to traipse all over town looking for the adult stores, which are rarely in a nice area.


We once travelled to a family confab in Ostoff Wisconsin. We had kids and carriers and strollers and such so I went to put my bag on top of the TV armoire… weird something is up there… paper sleeves from 2 porn videos… smell the sweet sweet VHS new tape smell (or whatever that smell might be). No toys or lube, but we had a good laugh at their choices!


Yep. I’ve heard from fellow business travelers to always check under the mattress, and behind the drawers for naughty things left behind. One guy said he sometimes found free booze and/or porn.


55 gallon drums of lube for those Oregon trips?


The last thing we need is more flyers trying to join the Mile High Club.

I suspect spousal disapproval might play a role?


Airport concessions present significant operating challenges.

You have stricter space demands, have to have enough capital for a build out (significant for a storefront operation), may need to meet disadvantaged businesse partnership requirements given the overall leasing plan, have to have a business plan that can meet shorter lease terms (long term leases are frowned upon by the FAA - who set the rules via having helped fund the Airport), employees have to all pass a FBI background check, and you have to be open 365 days a year - whenever that Airport is flying. Also - be open in emergencies.

And depending on localities- meet higher wage requirements than outside the airport & union requirements etc.

On the other hand- the return per square foot in my town is twice that of the high priced downtown area - and because of the screening and other requirements- roughly a 95% success rate at five years- much higher than most small businesses.

Most cities have quasi government agencies to help with financing for these types of businesses- but you’ll still need some capital up front. Some airports have a “cart” program- where folks can get their foot in the door with little investment.


Vending machines have really sprung up in the past few years at my local airports. I wonder if Feelmore could vend dildos and lube. That’d be a hell of a news story.


Good Vibrations in Berkeley can handle that “load.”

Their downtown SF location is the most convenient from the airport by public transit.


sex shop too small for SFO

It’s the air conditioning!

SFO: dildo emergencies are not to be belittled!!


I’m sure they’re always just the right size.

But I was thinking more along the lines of snow emergencies we get by me. Airport closed - many people stranded overnight - the Airport needs to hand out blankets etc - people needs to buy food, toiletries, baby formula. So stores need to be open.

Not many dildo emergencies- but if they arise - they must be dire indeed.


Not since the resolution at Malheur!