Size of pipelines needed to carry liquids consumed in the U.S

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I say again…

Bundle the pipes together, and it’s like the Feed from The Diamond Age, but with nice preprocessed materials so you don’t need to mess around with a matter compiler.

That could save me a lot of shopping. I’d need bigger mayo and peanut butter pipes, though (and I think I could skip the saliva one).

Where is this meat pipeline?

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Not one pipeline but more like a series of tubes.


Bottom panel, middle of the right side.

I want to know where the pipe is with the ink that flows between fax machines.


C’mon, where’s the urine?


Next week’s chart will be exports.

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alt text: “In the future, every single pipeline will lead to the bowl of a giant blender, and we’ll all just show up with a bucket each day to take our share of the resulting smoothie.”

The pipeline angle is funny, but it’s really just a bubble chart.

Looks like we use more shampoo than conditioner. Does that mean people really do rinse and repeat?

No joke … My wife’s aunt once asked me (because I know about computers) how the paper goes through the wires when you fax something.

‘personal lubricant’… fnar

Where does one sign-up for the maple syrup pipeline?

Where’s the weed pipeline?

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