"Skin gun" sprays patient's own stem cells on wounds to speed healing


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Also, you can shoot your minions with it. The stem cells cause them to gradually morph into clones of you, their master.


I have a flesh gun that sprays stem cells all over… Looks like it is lawsuit time!


I came in to make a similar tasteless joke. Well played!



Doesn’t stem cell research of any kind make the baby jesus cry? Wasn’t that the republican war cry about 10 years ago? This sounds like it could potentially be a good thing, saving people from additional suffering, and lowering the risk of infection. I’m confuse!


Every cell in your body contains DNA outlining a way to build more yous. So obviously every cell you grow is murder. Clearly the only way to save unborn children is the genocide of all human beings before they grow any more cells. #sarcasm #FundieLogic


Technically spermatozoa aren’t stems cells, they’ve already differentiated into a specialty cell. Though they did originate from stem cells.


Was waiting for that…





By extracting pluripotent stem cells from the Holy Prepuce, we can ultimately make lots of Baby Jesi cry.


Also lens fibre cells.


(As luck would have it these stem cells are also omnipotent.)


Somewhere a fundie just spontaneously burst into flames!


Based on the prices in the Cyberpunk 2020 rulebook these should also be much more affordable than conventional treatments!


This is a term of art meaning “We have anecdotes but no actual data”. The whole thing has all the hallmarks of Stem Cell Scam #173.


I’ll need to go back and take a longer look if / when I have time. I looked at the board of directors, and I’m not happy with how the one PHD among them is touting his acquisitions over any scientific skill. Maybe that’s the kind of BS you need to get venture capital these days, but it doesn’t breed confidence.


Note that the initial press release and video providing Mark’s quotes have since been taken down and replaced by a new version.
New version says nothing about case studies, or regeneration, or clinical observations… focussing instead on the fine-drop quality of the SkinGun (“a well-dispersed mist of wound care and/or irrigation fluids”), which would apparently make a good airbrush.

To be charitable, perhaps the RenovaCare press releases really mean “fibroblasts” and only talk about “stem cells” because those are Worship Words for investors


I’ll have to check the wayback, as I didn’t read the initial post. (Maybe it’s there, maybe not?)


Aside from the (certainly present; but rarer and less influential) ‘zOMG any science that sounds freaky to me obviously offends god!!’ squad (who, in fairness, have wholly secular counterparts who just couch their ‘it squicks me, ergo it is evil’ claims in different terms); it’s fetal stem cells that get them worked up; because those are produced by the Abortion-Industrial Complex in their satanic fetus-grinder mills.

Fetal stem cells are valuable for a lot of research purposes(since they haven’t differentiated yet, it’s a lot easier to get pluripotent stem cells from embryos; and embryology is conveniently pretty much the study of how stem cells structure themselves into assorted organs and tissues); but for clinical applications the ideal is being able to derive the stem cells from the patient because that dodges the various ugly issues that arise when transplanting foreign tissue and having the host’s immune system get touchy about it.

Given that we do run these risks anyway, since the alternative to most organ transplants is either death or severely degraded quality of life, I assume that we’d be willing to run them if somebody figures out how to grow new livers from fetal cells or the like; but for an application like wound healing “and then you take immunosuppressants forever, or your immune system re-opens those wounds with prejudice” is not a terribly pleasant prospect.

So, yeah, some stem cells get people really worked up(and some people don’t the difference and just freak out at all of them to be on the safe side); but the most serious backlash is with embryonic and fetal tissue, not with cells sourced from the patient.