Skinny jeans blamed for health troubles


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Until today I was only aware of the terrible aesthetic damage done by skinny jeans (especially men’s, cut tight with baggy bottoms).

Fashion is truly insane.


I thought skinny jeans were made with stretchy stuff these days. Are people still shoehorning their asses into just denim?

Needs moar stretchy


Bootcuts are fine.

One legged pants (seriously, that is what they are called) are not.


That’s just a long skirt? Let goths wear what they want!


I do not make fun of goths, but I reserve the right to make fun of anything sold at Hot Topic.


Jeez, they need to call them one-legged pants?

When I was a teen the goth kids were cool with wearing skirts. Hell, part of teh appeal of wearing it was “lookit me cool with my own self”. Unless it’s self-satire that’s kinda ruined by needing to call them one-legged pants


Are they? Really?


That’s why I think it is funny. It is a i-want-to-look-the-part-but-not-really-commit messaging that puts a smile on my face.

Just wear a kilt, damnit! And get off my xeriscaped cactus lawn!


I like to wear them with toe shoes, paired with a vintage Hawaiian shirt that I button up only three high.

I am a paragon of fashion.


Pics or it didn’t happen


Its a goth kilt.


It’s not the garment that I object to, it’s the NAME. One legged pants? Seriously?


My sartorial elegence is uncapturable.




That was excellent. The only thing that makes me sad is Paul mcgann–he is such a wonderful actor, but he just got handed a shit sandwich of a dr who script.

McGann palate cleanser.


Eep, compartment syndrome. That’s what got Miles O’Brien. (I smashed my leg the other day and started reading about that again. Everything’s fine, of course.)

But as for skinny jeans, those were already reportedly a problem in the 80’s. Meralgia paresthetica, they called it.


IMHO that depends on whether you are actually wearing boots.


Or booties.

Or listening to bootsy colins.