Skooba Laptop Weekender Travel Bag - a carry-on bag for gadget lovers


This bag looks pretty sweet and I’m tempted to replace the backpack I normally travel with. My only concern is does it actually fit in the overhead compartment on planes (or under the seat in front of me?) It looks rather large.

EDIT: I see from the Amazon link they specifically say it will do both. Sold!

P.S. I am not a paid shill.

Stupid question, but would it fit a 15.6" laptop? I have an HP ProBook 4545s.

I hope so, because my job has me travelling nearly every week. I could avoid the hassle of checking, with style! 3-4 days-worth of business clothes, my laptop, iPad, and some random necessities all in one place! Timmo, if you could provide some feedback/review when you get it, it’d be much appreciated!

The Killspencer Korean War has been my weekender of choice for a couple of years. I love it.

Not a gadget bag, but it’s awesome.

Bit of a delay as it’s going to be a birthday present instead of me buying it for myself now. I’ll be getting it mid October!

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