Think Geek Bags?


So what sort of bags have folks here bought from Think Geek and what do they think of them? I would like a new bag (both a handbag and a messanger type bag) and like what they have, but would be interested in hearing other’s experiences with their products.

Thanks in advance!


I can’t speak to their bags, but my general impression of Think Geek is that they come up with clever swag but the quality is at best really uneven. That said, I have some Portal bookends from them that are very well made. Plus they have a really lenient return period (90 days).

Durn it, now I’m tempted to head over there and do some gift shopping.


I do ebags for all by bagging needs. I’ve bought a lot of name brand and house branded items from them. Doña Heraclita isn’t impressed with their handbags though.


Military surplus stores with older European stuff can be a good source of messenger bags. No camo, materials like brass, canvas and hemp, and some, like the French and Italians, put some styling into them. Rugged too. Add a Star Wars Resistance patch for the geek-factor.

I’d never buy surplus online. You have to check in person for condition and mustiness.


More when I am with a proper keyboard, but I really like my full size bag of holding.


Okay back with a proper keyboard.
I got the old school Bag of Holding as it was one of the few non expensive options out there that would hold my 17" laptop over 5 years ago now. I don’t drag it around every day but it has been a great go bag for gaming or whatever if a bit awkward due to the large size but great on trips doubly so when packing my beast of a laptop and it is still in great shape for a canvas bag.

The new one is a bit taller it seems per the video and better made it looks better made and I have seen the con survival smaller one in use while out and about. I am actually tempted to get the newer one.


Seconded… There are some neat options that make for good re-purposing and decorating to be had in those places.


I got this one on discount. For the price ($15 usd), love it! Fits 2 of my laptops and a bunch of other stuff on the go.

Biggest gripe is how dirty it gets on the go. Solid build quality.


Last owner of a military surplus store I met I am like 90% certain was a seller on the Silk Road on Tor…


For messenger bags, as in just one big bag with no dividers or whatever, I swear by Timbuk2. I have one of their bags that is now 20 years old. They used to also make decent laptop bags, not good and not any more from what I can tell.

Very true. Also lots of “surplus” is not surplus at all any more but just cheaply made in wherever reproductions.


Yeah, the better places mark that as “classic style” rather than surplus.


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