Sleeping On Strangers On The Subway



Jeez, I can’t wait until Move The Fuck Over, Bro hears about this.

Artist George Ferrandi has been doing something similar for a good while now. (And she’s not trying to cash in on a viral photo.)

I guess this is regional or cultural. People sleep on each other all the time on Tokyo trains.

Hm. That didn’t sound right.


It would all depend on how smelly the sleeper was and how vigorous the lean is


“And that, my son, is how I caught impetigo…”

In the UK I think you’d ask them to wake up, but apologise for doing so. Or if you’re a bit shy leave them to it, and wait for them to wake up to apologise.

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I think there are also other obvious factors at play, such as weight/size ratio between sleeper and sleepee, length of the trip, and how tight the space is.

I might let it slide on a subway trip for a half an hour with someone who is my same relative size, but I can distinctly remember a very uncomfortable 8-hour Greyhound bus ride when I was a small, 125 lb. teenager being used as a human pillow by a large 225 lb.(at least) man. Not even repeated jabs in the side would make this guy understand how I felt about it.

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(Clears throat) “Dum-de dum-dum; dum-de-dum; Dum-de dum-dum; dum-de-dum; dum-de-dum-dum; deeeeeee-da dum!”
(Hitchcock if you couldn’t suss that)

Sometimes I’m glad I’m from the country…

How well dressed and groomed was the guy who pretended to fall asleep on people?

Not especially, as you can see if you watch the video.

I’m not onboard with this supposed “experiment.” It comes across to me like more narcissistic hipster self-display, and worse yet, using “urban” people as a prop to do so.

Edit: and it doesn’t help that the message sounds like it’s lifted from a Hallmark card.



Here’s another entertaining video on Public Transit. This man makes fun of complaining passengers on a Bus in Los Angeles.

Bus Driver Acts A Fool on the Bus

Yo dog, the only ‘threat’ to my sense of personal space is the occasional inaesthetic homeless person, so I’m going to make an art project about violating people’s personal space, it’ll be awesome!


Amen, thank you. It’s like the douchey cousin of “improv everywhere”…


I have actually fallen asleep on some one before. They were nice about it, but then again I’m pretty much the definition of not-threatening. I’ve had some one nod off on me once or twice. I will admit… I check my bag to see if they are maybe faking to lift stuff off of me. Other than that I don’t care. It’s kind of sad, but if you lead the right kind of life this might be the closest human contact you have for days… so sleep on (so long as you aren’t stealing my stuff or masturbating on me).

I think the original photo struck a chord because the person being dozed upon was wearing a yarmulke and the person sleeping was an African American with a hoodie. There was a lot of story telling in the photo by the way the people were dressed, so the long nap had this element of surprise to it. I feel like the video lacks that punch.


Oh, hai! An “art project” that involves gross invasion of personal space and screwing with people with social anxiety of any sort. I’m not going to give them the clicks to see how they denigrate anyone who reacts negatively, but I’m envisioning a lot of “look at the racist appalled that someone who doesn’t look like them is totally fucking with them! Don’t they suck!”.

I have an idea…I’ll sit on subways and pretend to be asleep and then casually grab the tit of anyone who sits next to me. And film it. It’s totally cool because it’s art and stuff. Hey, BoingBoing thinks its cool so I must be in the clear. Anyone who thinks their personal space is more important that some hipster douchebags YouTube hit count is obviously a bad person, amiright?