Performance artist frosts and shares cake on NYC subway


For art, it’s pretty mundane. I see much more thought-provoking things happen on the subway just about every day. A few years ago I saw an elaborate production of a person running in to their ex on the train, which was uncomfortable for everyone. I think it was staged by some bored theater students, but who knows - it could have been real.

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As a graduate of one of the better art schools in my country, I have to say that this is fucking stupid.


Brown person with knife on the subway and the cops didn’t shoot anyone? That has to be a good day.


get the fuck over yourself.
have a piece of cake.


Unlike the other performances, which largely revolve around making people uncomfortable (or at least discomfited)…

I don’t care if you’re handing out fresh $20 bills - doing anything on the subway other than shutting up and keeping to yourself is going to make people uncomfortable.


I’m down for cake, but that doesn’t change the fact that serving cake on the subway as “performance art” is bad art. I’m not saying it’s not art, just that it’s bad, and the art world would have been better off without it being done. I do suppose, however, that good art looks all the better when contrasted with something like this.


Thanks for the chuckle.



“Modern art is dead.”
-Egon (RIP)

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Unless you’re on a diet.

Poor bastards, “Let them eat cake”.

What time is it? SHOWTIME! Except in cake version. I love goofy pointless art, really, but don’t fuck with my commute. these people must be stopped.

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Would someone please install this person as supreme arbiter of the art world? This person has been to one of the better art schools.


absolutely cool idea, but what i found sad is that more people were capturing the event with a smartphone than actively taking part…

Why is it ‘sad’? They’re still amused and recording the event, probably to show it to friends later. Maybe they’re not hungry; maybe they’re introverts who enjoy observing and taking things in rather than outwardly reacting; maybe it would be pretty chaotic/messy to have all of them talking with and crowding the woman with the cake in a moving subway… There are many reasons for such a response beside being sad lonely individuals.

Maybe the recording of this is art, too…

Just kidding, i’m with Foop.
This was stupid.

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When you eat food on public transit, the calories don’t count.

This reminds me of the time I went to the Hirshorn museum with my sister and her husband - not really artsy types. They had an installation which was about a ton of silver wrapped candies dumped on the floor of a white room. My sister went up to the candy pile, picked one up and said, “Look honey, we’re making art!”

yeah, but a pretty girl doing it makes it alright.