Slurpee Waves in Nantucket, photographed by Jonathan Nimerfroh



Who ordered the seaweed Big Gulp?

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can it be true that there is no video of this phenomenon anywhere?


That looks like it should be a thermodynamic impossibility. How cold does it have to be? Like… Neptune?

+1 on the video. It looks amazing, but I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around what it must actually look like in motion… Crazy. :slight_smile:

I know Jon and he shot my wedding. I am a videographer and I have been ribbing him for days about not getting video.


Alternate headline- Atlantic Ocean nominates Massachusetts for Ice Bucket Challenge.


I saw this once on the island where I grew up Martha’s Vineyard, neighbor to Nantucket. I had no idea what I was seeing at first–just a half-frozen wave crawling in slow motion toward the shore. There was no one else around. I think I was twelve. It changed everything I thought I knew.

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It’s funny to see this as news. I live in coastal MA, and this happens. It really is pretty. I’ll shoot some video if the conditions are right. Brr.

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The lowest melting point possible for salt water is -20 C or -4 Fahrenheit. The ocean doesn’t have nearly the amount of salt required to reach that though. Sea ice happens. The Arctic ocean is frozen over.

Unusual to see frazil that far south!

Yes please!!!

Oh I know, that’s why I said “looks like.” These pictures are unearthly.

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