Surf Duluth


Meanwhile, in my Tennessee neighborhood, I was struck not only by how intensely cold it feels when the thermometer drops into single digits in the Farenheit range but how unused I am to such frigid temperatures.

The fact that there are people willing to get out on the water in temperatures that are even lower just ramps my appreciation for surfers up to eleven.

Nothing sounds more fun than going out surfing when it is -37F out.


Thanks for including the link to the video. As it is geofscked in Germany, I can copy and paste the link to a web proxy site and watch it nevertheless.

most surfers really get into the weather in some respect, its definitely more critical for great lakes surfing though, those guys are bad asses

I was working at a surf themed record store in Cleveland when they were filming a documentary about the local surf scene. The one thing I learned is that those dudes are completely mad. Apparently our best waves are in midwinter. It wasn’t a bad film though.

I can’t even imagine the cold. I turned on my seat heater this morning on the way to work because it was like 48 in San Diego.
Had to turn the sound off on that video, though. That song made me want to shoot myself.

Jesus. I used to occasionally surf near Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. That was cold enough for me, and I never surfed later than November. The idea of trying to surf in the Great Lakes in November… makes me cold just thinking about it.

To be fair, International Falls is several hundred miles west and north from Duluth and has earned the moniker “Nation’s Icebox” with cause. Those nuts were only out surfing in -4F weather. :wink:

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The other thing here is that these guys are freshwater surfing, which makes for less buoyancy. So I’m guessing the danger of drowning is higher than in saltwater.

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