(slurping loudly)

Well, obvs, because an image is worth a thousand words. That is why humans only communicate in emoji now.


Sometimes images CAN convey as much as a whole paragraph of writing. Hell, I’ve read plenty of 500 page books, full of half formed ideas and conjecture, that say much less than a single image can say. It’s not just one or the other and it shouldn’t have to be. One isn’t necessarily superior to the other, they’re just different.

Honestly, I get a little ornery when told how I should and shouldn’t communicate with others. I’m perfectly happy to abide by community standards in terms of no name calling, bad faith actions, etc, because I fully agree that they rarely help (except maybe in the case of bad faith trolls who aren’t here to talk, but to punch down) but images are communications as well as text. Our first form of written communications were in fact in images, not text (cave paintings and whatnot).


Unfair and inaccurate.

It’s unfortunate that not everyone can communicate effectively with mere images, but the irrational derision some people seem to feel is uncalled for, IMO. Before there was the written word there were pictograms. And while language has advanced since the dawn of ​civilization, a picture is often still worth 1000 words.​


Sure, as long as it’s not the same picture repeated over and over (or that responses are always images), I could get behind that :wink:

The spice of life, variety is!




Okay… now I’m just trying to annoy you! :wink:

But seriously, plenty of us communicate here in both text (thoughtful and not to thoughtful) and in images, and there really are sometimes when a tried and true gif does the job better than any thing else. It communicates to both the (generally speaking) troll that they aren’t worth much time and effort, and to the rest of our community the same thing.


Not an issue for me, on either count, methinks; I pride myself on my extensive collection of apt images.

That said, certain ‘favorites’ are just par for the course when life itself often seems to be on an infuriatingly endless loop;

When there’s yet another gun massacre in the US: Alan Rickman flipping a table and Drew Barrymore screaming in enraged frustrartion are exceedingly appropriate.

When there’s even more nonsesensical/terrible news regarding this shitshow of an admin, the Khepra facedesk and the Kitty Foreman drinking gifs should be expected.

When there’s someone inevitably talking down to someone else needlessly, there’s Kit Harrington slurping, and when an obvious failtroll pops up on the scene, there’s Lucille Bluth to ‘welcome’ them with a side-eye.

These have become trademarks of some the more witty mutants here, as much a part of the community ‘in-jokes’ as looking at bananas or calling asshats ‘gentlemen’ ironically.



Yes but that was a different image! So :clap::clap::clap:

@Melz2 I actually agree that a problem with many of the discussions on cough familiar topics tend to have “familiar” arguments repeated over and over. I think that’s why community members can burn out over time… and rightfully so.

I mean, there’s only so many times and ways you can argue gun control (for example) before you’ve kinda literally seen and heard it all?

This is also why I tend to prefer discussions where people are sharing real, personal stories rather than talking points. And that also implies discussions are getting a regular influx of new people, as well, rather than the same old folks saying the same old things.


One former longtime BBer did:

I’m pretty much there myself.

ETA: That same regular, one of the most relentlessly insightful and engaging people I’ve seen on the BBS, closed that particular comment with–what else?–a GIF.


insert regular THIS gif

I’m not quite getting why those who build and run this place, and presumably appreciate the presence of those who come back repeatedly, are denigrating this particular community-binding feature. Maybe because it’s just not suited to their own particular tastes?


An eyeroll gif is not contentless. It’s a quick visual equivalent of “Oh come on, that’s so, whatever (you can probably figure it out) that it doesn’t even merit an extensive verbal response.”

That’s not the thousand words pictures are sometimes said to be worth, but again, as evinced by the numerous likes that such lonely gifs often receive, they are not automatically a contentless comment.


I guess we’ll see what @orenwolf believes.

Which is a pretty contentless response- it’s essentially saying it’s self-evident that they are wrong. Which if it were self-evident, they probably wouldn’t have said it.


/searches frantically for side-eye emoji

i have found it

⚆ _ ⚆


I have tons, all you ever need do is ask.



If you think something’s not worth responding to, don’t.

Edit: Okay, yeah, I’m tempted to do that sometimes too. There’s nothing inherently wrong with funny memes, and If someone comes on here spouting Trumpist slogans and gets eyeroll gifs in response, I doubt there will be any reports. But several users, including you, have a habit of responding to even mild criticism or disagreement with snarky gifs, and it does make it harder to have genuine discussion.

So, all that stuff in quotes, those words of hers, are not a response?

Hmmm, I think I see the problem here.

See my edit.

Hard to have a genuine discussion with anyone throwing fallacies around.

I’m not familiar with eye rolls being given by that user in response to anything but tired old saws.

Which fallacy would that be?

I’ll try to remember to keep you posted the next time it happens, then, because it happens a lot.