(slurping loudly)


Honestly, Some of this simply cultural. I am Jewish, a culture where NOTHING is off the table to challenge and discuss. The Talmud is a collection of arguments about what the hell the bible means. Other “peoples of a Book” do not do this, it’s all top down. But it’s not genetic, my wife is Midwestern, and her people are way less argumentative, her mother gets upset if my wife and I banter.


That is so true.

Unitarian, understood.

Lots of people get upset when they see someone put in a position they would be uncomfortable in! Wish it were everyone!

edited to add: some people in the world enjoy seeing someone put in a position they would be uncomfortable in, like trying to have a conversation with someone who resorts to name calling and mind reading, Some folks in the world seem to thrill at causing discomfort and distress. One can work up quite a thirst that way.



Someone looks thirsty


I wonder if it’s about people feeling ‘wrong’ when they are just ‘incorrect’ and then expecting someone else to take responsibility for their feelings. It’s why I don’t theorize on the feelings of others, HOW COULD I EVER BE CORRECT?

Incorrect is a temporal state of being. Wrong is a choice and a commitment.


I don’t think that generalizing behaviour to “some people” is particularly useful. There are 20,000+ users on the BBS, we can probably surmise that “someone” will exhibit the attributes being discussed in one way or another.

“some people” are going to react in “some way” “some” of the time. Sometimes it will run afoul of policy. When it does, flag it.

As this is a meta topic, as far as the BBS itself goes, the moderation policy on “contentless comments” remains unchanged. I’ve made my take on it, as I’ve been enforcing that particular rule, clear over the last year, and I think opionions on that specific topic have been exhausted. So I’m going to close this topic.