Smithsonian shares the fantastic story of Abe Lincoln's silk top hat


The most fantastic thing about that hat is that in times of great national crisis the President could remove it to reveal a series of successively smaller helper-Lincolns.


Lincoln’s hat also featured prominently in an episode of the Yakov Smirnoff sitcom What A Country! The plucky band of immigrants taking a citizenship class is able to purchase this valuable historic artifact as a birthday present for their teacher. What a country indeed!

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If only he’d been wearing it 150 years ago today, he might still be here.

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Wasn’t he wearing it when he was shot?

I hate it when people with tall hats sit in front of me and I’d just assumed that as a thespian, John Wilkes Booth had just had enough of people shouting “down in front”.

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Not according to this photo.

I thought it was a pretty crappy looking place to sit and watch a play, anyway.


Hmm. Why is that armed military-looking bloke just sat in his armchair doing nothing while all this was being painted? Seems like clear evidence of a second shooter on the Parker Knoll to me.

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Dunno, but he ended up getting stabbed.

Didn’t end up too well, either.

On December 23, 1883, Rathbone attacked his children in a fit of madness. Rathbone fatally shot and stabbed his wife, who was attempting to protect the children. Rathbone then stabbed himself five times in the chest in an attempted suicide. He was charged with murder but was declared insane by doctors after blaming the murder on an intruder. He was convicted and committed to the Asylum for the Criminal Insane in Hildesheim, Germany, where he died in August 14, 1911.


I seems to me that one day while Lincoln was riding a horse someone took a shot at him and put a bullet hole in one of his hats.

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